Monthly Archives: September 2015

Point #3 More Funds Towards Girls’ Education


A brief video posted by the organization Plan International features young women from Pakistan sharing their message for the “Because I am A Girl” Campaign, which features a “Seven-Point Girls’ Declaration” on various subjects. These women have banned together to break the silence about women’s rights and education, particularly in their country but are supportive of all women in general. They had presented their message to the President of Pakistan and started such a powerful movement that they will be speaking in New York City to the UN to promote their message, as the UN agrees about Sustainable Development for the next fifteen years.

What an amazing thing accomplished at such as young age. #Girl4President

You can watch the Plan International Video here


Sixth Annual “5 Under 40” Awards Give Back


Congratulations to the five winners of the Sixth Annual “5 Under 40” residential design awards! This artistically based program recognizes designers from all over New England who produce and design architecture, interior, speciality, and landscape pieces that can be found throughout the East Coast.

This year, each of the five winners will design a custom rug that will be hand woven in Nepal-based workshops through Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting and auctioned off tomorrow night, September 10, 2015 at the “5 Under 40” event starting at 6:30pm. We are lucky enough to be the recipient of the proceeds from these speciality rugs and we could not be more grateful for the support. Thank you to everyone involved in this amazing contest, as we are excited to promote this special event.

Tickets for the Awards and Cocktail Party can be purchased here.