Inspirational Women in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Women in leadership positions have a positive effect on the entire community. A study in West Bengal, India, found that in areas with more female politicians, the gender gap within education significantly decreased. Parents were also more likely to invest in the education of their daughters. Role models are incredibly important for everyone; they give people inspiration and allow individuals to organize and prioritize their goals.

Inspirational Women of Pakistan


We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave – to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential.”  – Malala Yousafza

Inspirational Women of Afghanistan


Do you think, however, that our nation from the outset needs only men to serve it? Women should also take their part as women did in the early years of our nation and Islam. From their examples we must learn that we must all contribute toward the development of our nation and that this cannot be done without being equipped with knowledge. So we should all attempt to acquire as much knowledge as possible, in order that we may render our services to society in the manner of the women of early Islam.” ― Soraya Tarzi

Again, this is just a small list of inspirational women throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan’s history. There are so many women, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and around the world, who act as role models for millions of people. Through education, Barakat gives individuals the tools they need to follow their goals, and in doing so, allow people to become role models for the next generation.



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