Recent events in Afghanistan


Dear readers, wishing you a very happy Wednesday from the Barakat Team.

Although Ramadan is meant to be a month of peace and spirituality, in the last two years with worsening conflict in the Muslim world, Ramadan has become a month of violence and bloodshed. On May 26th, there was a Taliban attack on a military base in the Kandahar Province. This attack left 15 or more Afghan soldiers dead. On May 27th, at least 18 people were killed by a suicide car bomber that attacked Afghan police providing security to US forces in easter Afghanistan. The casualties included civilians – women and children – who were in the area at the time of the attack. The attack took place in the Adraskan district of Herat. The deadliest attack of them all took place on May 31st, where a truck bomb blast on Wednesday killed at least 80 people and wounded more than 300 in Kabul. Officials describe  the bombing as one of the biggest to have hit the Afghan capital and witnesses describe the blast as an “earthquake.” This is especially concerning because the area is under high-level security, and insurgents are consistently managing to get around that. For the time being no definitive responsibility has been taken by any insurgent entity and no evidence of who conducted the attack has been presented, but someone will definitely take responsibility in the next few days. Naturally, the Taliban immediately denied responsibility, for they would not want people to question their Islamic values and stance, especially since an attack of this size during Ramadan would really diminish their popularity. On the other hand ISIL does not have the capacity nor the resources or influence in Afghanistan to conduct such an attack of this magnitude but may claim the attack in a shower of power. Finally, the real long-term concern is that the Afghan government seems to be failing in terms of security, and a lack of strategic intelligence and leadership has made it easy for insurgents to conduct these kinds of attacks.

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