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No End to Terrorism Without Better Pakistan-Afghanistan-India ties

In an article in the Express Tribune of Pakistan the conclusion that terrorism will not end without better Pakistan-Afghanistan-India ties is a strong, yet true statement in mending the region that has been plagued with extremism and war over the last few years. Without stronger multi-national relations between these countries it is virtually impossible to represent a a strong and unified strategic and military front.

All three countries have suffered from the rise of extremism, which has been attributed to foreign intervention and war in the last few decades. The article states that in “in the last 16 years, scores of terror attacks have killed about 61,700 people in Pakistan.” Furthermore, “India has suffered the Mumbai attacks, assaults on its parliament and security forces, as well as the recent Uri incident.” Afghanistan has also be subject to similar extremist activity with “severe militancy and heavy civilian casualties” as a result of the creating of the Islamic State and other organizations “with global agendas (who) are also active in the country.”

To read more please visit this link.

Australian aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan freed

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