Recent Events in Pakistan



Dear readers, we hope you are enjoying your week! Below are some articles about recent events in Pakistan over the last month or so. Enjoy, and as always we hope we are doing a good job at informing you all!

G7 Plus India and Afghanistan: Lead Economic Sanctions against Pakistan

The G7, which leads the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has warned Pakistan that if they are involved with terrorist financing (during the three-month warning they have been given) Pakistan will become a “no-go zone” for international banking. The threat of losing that status will put Pakistan in grave economic turmoil, and also effect many non-resident Pakistanis that live outside but choose to bank in Pakistan. Pakistan has a history of allegedly supporting the Taliban in times when the government needed a sort of paramilitary support.

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Afghanistan urges Pakistan to reopen border, de-escalate tensions

The closure of the two major border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan has not only halted or impeded travel, but has also blocked trade supply. The border closures took place following an ISIL attack on a Sufi shrine that killed 88 people in the middle of February. The border closure is intended to put pressure on Kabul to look into the frightening increase of ISIL members in Afghanistan in the last few months.

Ambassador to Afghanistan Abrar Hussain has requested the borders to be re-opened, and he also stressed that “Afghanistan should take appropriate measures to deny “use of its soil by terrorists against Pakistan.” Hussain also suggested that both countries look into improving and strengthening their border management so future attacks can be halted before they become detrimental.

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Pakistan Super League controversy

As some of you may know, cricket is not only a past time, or a hobby in Pakistan but it has become an institution of some sorts. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a club cricket league that runs a tournament every year. The games have been played across the UAE in Sharjah and Dubai, however the final is to be played on March 5th in Lahore. In the recent months Lahore has faced turmoil and has been victim to extremist activities, therefore many international players have decided not to participate if their team reaches the final. Also, many international renowned commentators will not be traveling to Pakistan for security reasons.

There have been many other complications to hosting the PSL final in Pakistan, for example the PSL broadcasting company has pulled out of covering the final (following the example of international players and commentators), competition will be unequal because many international players have decided not to play, there are evident security threats, in fact having an international event in general is a risk with “deteriorating security conditions of Lahore.”

The idea is to bring back international cricket to Pakistan, but the question to be asked is it really worth it and at what cost will this be achieved?

To read more please visit this article.



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