Background Information in Pakistan and Afghanistan


Dear readers, wishing you a very happy Wednesday from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today we would like to try something a little different, instead of briefing you on current events and recent news, we thought we would do a quick overview of Afghanistan and Pakistan and share facts that are relevant in understanding why things are happening the way they are in the region.


Area:  796,095 km2 (slightly less than twice the size of California)

Population: 201,995,540 (July 2016)

Capital: Islamabad

Largest city: Karachi

Official languages: Urdu, English

Religion: 96.4% Muslim, 3.6% other (Christian, Hindu, Zoroastrians, etc.)

President: Mamnoon Hussain

To learn more please visit this link.


Area: 652,864 km(slightly less than twice the size of California)

Population: 33,332,025 (July 2016)

Capital: Kabul

Largest city: Kabul

Official languages: Pashto, Dari

Religion:99% Muslim (Sunni, Imamiyyah, Ismailism), 1% other

President: Ashraf Ghani

To learn more please visit this link.

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