Over $1 Million Dollars Awarded to Groups Supporting Young Women



With and For Girls Collective, an international organization that supports educating adolescent girls through development projects, decided to donate over $1 million dollars in grants to twenty organizations around the world that value women’s rights and education. Each organization was awarded up to $50,000 dollars from With and For Girls Collective, and are allowed to spend the money however they feel necessary in order to support the organization’s values.

According to Muna Wehbe, CEO of the Stars Foundation, the World Bank  estimates that two cents out of every $1 dollar donated through international aid is used for female adolescent education. This means that although women play a vital and necessary role in the continuing of the human race, their education seems to be valued the least.

Organizations that were able to receive the award include Aware Girls, a Pakistan based organization that teaches leadership and educating women on HIV and AIDS and the Shorqu Organization, which works with refugees from both Palestine and Bethlehem, as well as eighteen other organizations out of the 125 nominated for the grants.

These awards indicate new beginnings and goals throughout the world with the hope that donations for women’s education will continue to flourish, ultimately allowing women to become more knowledgeable in subjects they enjoy while learning in safe environments.

To read the full story, visit The Guardian.

To continue to support educating women in places such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, visit Barakatworld.org to find more information or make a donation.


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