MAPS and ESUC Host Annual Barakat Fundraiser


On Saturday, April 18th, women from the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) and East Shore Unitarian Universalist (ESUC) Women’s Perspective hosted their annual benefit fundraiser for Barakat. These benefits serve us at Barakat not only by bringing donations, but by engaging a distant community with our mission, and promoting the values we stand by. MAPS and ESUC have joined together for five years to host an educational and entertaining program for those interested in learning how to help women and children acquire the literacy skills they need and deserve. These fundraisers began after members of MAPS and ESUC read Half the Sky, a book which highlights the oppression and suffering faced by women, and the importance of granting women control of their lives and futures. Half the Sky asserts that our modern moral dilemma is primarily the oppression of women, and compels its readers to take on the challenge head-first. Touched by what they read, both organizations decided to join the movement and participate in supporting, educating, and empowering women and children.

This year’s potluck fundraiser was held in Redmond, Washington at MAPS. The event included several speakers, an auction, and interactive booths with various activities. Attendees at these booths reported that everyone had a great time practicing their calligraphy, experiencing the beauty of henna, and learning about Hijab Art. Kids and adults alike enjoyed a tremendous sharing of stories, culture, and art as they raised over  $2,700.00! Community participants were able to take home a newfound appreciation for the power of global education, deep cultural connections, and lasting memories. Ties between our Barakat schools’ communities and the Redmond, Washington community were formed, thanks to the efforts of MAPS and ESUC. Barakat is always delighted to see long-lasting connections form despite geographic and cultural barriers. Without these connections, a global standard of education could not be reached.

Barakat is proud to share with you the efforts of our dedicated and hard-working donors and volunteers who commit themselves, like us, to providing exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly for women and girls. It is the hard work of organizations such as MAPS and ESUC that allow our students in Pakistan and Afghanistan to shine!

For those interested in supporting Barakat through events and volunteering, please visit our website here.

About barakatinc

Barakat is dedicated to providing exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan that advances literacy and increases access to secondary education, particularly for girls and women.

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