Pakistan students take summer vacation!


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.15.38 PMEducation is a fundamental human right and we at Barakat hold firm to this belief; however, every student deserves a break! An exciting time of year unfolds in Pakistan as students embark on their well-deserved summer vacations. Barakat schools in Pakistan closed for summer break on June 1 and will resume next school year beginning August 16. Barakat Pakistan staff is also on holiday from June 13 through July 27.

Currently, our incredibly hard-working teachers are planning the school curriculum, reviewing the study plans, and arranging to add some extra-curricular activities to the mix! Our Barakat Pakistan staff takes this time to prepare for the perfect school year, even decorating classrooms with charts and drawings, decorations that will help the students acclimate and learn. Our teachers created fantastic decorations that are already brightening the classrooms!

picSharply contrasting the weather in Afghanistan, students in Pakistan find themselves largely home-bound as the temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit during these summer months! Nevertheless, students are eager to begin their summer festivities; many of the students and their families travel to Afghanistan during this time.

Not only has summer begun, but the Holy month of Ramadan will begin on June 19. Throughout the month following, all teachers and staff will join the students on holidays. As the climate can be dangerously warm, and Ramadan fasting limits the activities that our students and teachers can do, much of the vacation is spent busy at home, preparing for Eid.

Azizullah, from our fourth grade classroom, is excited to help his father tend to the vegetable shop, earning some extra money to spend at the Eid ul Fitr festival at the end of Ramadan. Fatima is excited to wear her gorgeous new dress for Eid, and spend the month in Afghanistan with her family. Ms. Mehnaz, teacher at the elementary school, expressed that the whole of Ramadan will be a busy time at home while fasting. During the teachers’ vacation, she will complete her household affairs that she was unable to tend to during the working months.

Students at our Barakat schools receive very few assignments to complete during their summer vacation. Between the heat of the summer and the busy time of Ramadan, teachers hope not to burden students with any heavy summer assignments. Instead, many students will relax throughout this break, or often travel to Afghanistan. Barakat staff in Cambridge wish our students and teachers a fun and relaxing holiday!

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