Barakat on Groupon!


We are excited about Barakat’s new partnership with Groupon that will benefit women and girls in our literacy courses in Afghanistan. From Tuesday, June 14th until Thursday, June 16th, you can support our literacy courses by making a donation and spreading the word.

Donations can be made in denominations of $10. Only if $480 is raised will we reach the Groupon “tipping point” meaning 100% of the proceeds will go to Barakat. Groupon’s “tipping point” is a concept that is part of it’s philosophy to inspire collective action, showing that big things can be achieved when many individuals work together towards a common goal.

The tipping point of $480 means that we need 48 donations for this campaign to successfully fund a 10-month home based literacy course for 12 Afghan women. However, individuals are of course welcome and encouraged to make multiple donations of $10.  Every $40 raised will educate one more girl in our literacy program. Just $40 can have a huge impact on a girl’s life!

This course provides a free, third-grade education to women who were previously unable to attend school due to financial, familial or governmental restrictions. For example, many of these women were banned from school during the rule of the Taliban. In contrast, after completing our course, they will be able to enroll in a formal school at a fourth-grade level.

The United Nations estimates that the literacy rate amongst rural Afghan women is a lowly 8%. Barakat’s literacy courses target girls and women between the ages of 7 years and 55 years in the two adjoining northwestern Afghan provinces of Faryab and Jowzjan. Participants are young girls, teenagers, and women who are single or married, with or without children.

Since 2003, 3,795 women and girls have graduated from our programs in Afghanistan with literacy and numeracy skills. In recent years we have enrolled an annual average of 800 women in 30 literacy courses.

The fruits of such literacy programs extend far beyond just the women who are enrolled in them. Mothers who have had some education are more than twice as likely to send their children to school, compared to mothers with no education. Children born to literate mothers also have 40% higher survival rates and better overall health and nourishment.

As a result of their far-reaching benefits, there is a burgeoning demand for our literacy courses. In seeing the benefits education can provide, families are beginning to shed their previously held dispositions to limit the education of their daughters. It is therefore especially crucial for us to create as many courses as possible to meet the existing demand, and to help as many women as we can.

You can help us in this cause by participating in our campaign with Groupon from Tuesday, June 14 until Thursday, June 16. You will be able to find the campaign at the Groupon Boston website, at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side.

We hope you will support our cause by donating here and by spreading the word to your friends, family and colleagues!

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