Flooding in Pakistan a Devastation, Barakat Prepared to Help


More than 900 people have died in what The New York Times is  calling “Pakistan’s worst monsoon flooding since 1929”.

In a country already stretched too thin with poverty and lack of resources, more than a million Pakistanis have been left homeless. And according to General Nadeem Ahmed, Pakistan’s head of national disaster management authority, over 58,800 homes have been destroyed.

Barakat has three elementary schools in the Attock province of Pakistan. Arti Pandey, the program direction of our Cambridge, Massachusetts office, has spoken with Barakat officials in Pakistan, and thankfully, no one in those communities, and none of our schools, has been affected by the flooding.

In the past, Barakat has gladly opened up our schools to victims of flooding in Pakistan; most recently during the flooding in 2005. Today we stand ready and willing to help again in Pakistan, and our hearts go out to each of the victims.

Click here to help Barakat help Pakistan.

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