Get To Know the Barakat Staff: Cortney Gusick


Name: Cortney Gusick

Hometown: Kapolei, HI

School: Brandeis University, Graduate Student

What You Do At Barakat:  Program Assistant

Fun Fact About Yourself:  

“I’m an amazing tree climber/fruit forager.” “I’ve never had a Facebook account.”
“I’m currently writing a book, and I love the radio program, ‘This American Life”

 What Have You Learned working at Barakat?

“That unified, dynamic, and diverse people are an excellent recipe for growth and development.”

Favorite Quote: 

“Let Your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.” -Baha’u’ llah

Heroes: Naseem Alizadeh, Luc and Sophie Pardehpoosh, Troy & Shauna.

Your suddenly stranded on a desert island but naturally you get to bring your five favorite things.  They are:

Baha’i Books, paper, pens, polaroid camera, black licorice.

Most Desired Superpower:

“That’s easy: Self-multiplication.”

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