Get to know the Barakat staff! Colin Rink


Photo 3






Name: Colin Rink

Hometown: Ossining, NY 

School: Northeastern University 

What do you do at Barakat: Corporate Sponsorship  

Fun fact about yourself: I have webbed toes.

What have you learned working at Barakat: Calling business and asking for sponsorship is not that bad. Business don’t hate me and some are very helpful. 

Favorite quote: “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” – Mark Twain  

Heroes: Bruce Springsteen, Barack, Spiderman  

You’re suddenly stranded on a desert island but naturally you got to bring your five favorite things. They are:
iPod, a good book, my girlfriend, George Foreman grill (solar-powered), radio to listen to Yankees games

Most desired superpower:

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