Get to know the Barakat staff: Eric Prileson



Name: Eric Prileson 

Photo 2

Hometown: Tucson, AZ 

School: Northeastern University 

What do you do at Barakat: communications, writing, editing and updating online resources.

Fun fact about yourself:
played 4  sports in high school 

What have you learned working at Barakat: I have learned that the breadth of nonprofits is so extensive that it has interlaced with mainstream America in both the business and non-business world.

Working towards a common goal requires the skills and input of everyone. 

Favorite quote: “If you feel like you are witnessing a movement, then get up girl and let them know you’re  free.” Chad Urmston 

Heroes: My Grandfather, Michael Jordan, Normar Garciaparra  

You’re suddenly stranded on a desert island but naturally you got to bring your five favorite things. They are:
my baseball glove, my guitar, my favorite snacks (Nutella), favorite book “October Sky,” favorite sandwich 

Most desired superpower: ability to learn and execute everything perfectly

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