The Upcoming Afghan Election


With the second presidential Afghan election about to take place on August 20, the Barakat community in Afghanistan is approaching a threshold: Will our students, the future of Afghanistan,  see democracy in action with a fair and undisputed election and a smooth transition?

The success of democracy in Afghanistan is a promise to Barakat’s students of what will be.  With an election in which polls are open to everyone and all votes are counted, the youth of Afghanistan will see the progress of their country through democracy.

There are dark clouds that have formed around the perception of Afghanistan, but this election is about hope and the future, a ray of light through the negative aura surrounding a magnificent people.

Barakat is following this election closely to see what kind of conditions the election of a new administration creates for its schools and education programs.  Will a second term for Karzai mean a change in education policy that improves current school systems?  Or will a new president bring a completely new education policy?   For our schools in Pakistan for Afghan refugees, stability from a successful election could mean a stem in the flow of refugees.

Also important to follow will be voting participation by women.  Will they be intimidated into staying away from the polls?  Will their voting cards be accepted?  Hopefully the rights of women that were stagnated by the Taliban until 2001 will be flexed to the fullest extent on 20 August.  We will learn what the state of democracy has become in Afghanistan in this election.  We will also learn how much power the Taliban maintains there.

Read the New York Times article profiling the setting of the election:

and a Huffington Post Article:

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