Get to know the Barakat staff: Yumi Ujihara


We’d like you to get to know the faces and personalities behind the Barakat staff, so we’re bringing you a series of updates about each of our staff. We hope you have as much fun reading them as we did writing them.

Name: Yumi Ujihara

Hometown: Boston/Japan

School: graduated from BU in May ’09

What do you do at Barakat: Walk for Literacy event planner

Fun fact about yourself: Love to play tennis, travel, plan to work in Nepal from Oct. to March 2010

What have you learned working at Barakat: how to coordinate/ plan a fundraising events, how to manage people

Favorite quote:“Dive in before thinking too much” – John Nood

“Live as if you died tomorrow, dream as if you’ll live forever.”

You’re suddenly stranded on a desert island but naturally you got to bring your five favorite things. They are:

water, food, tent, partner, compass/map

Most desired superpower:

An everywhere door: a door that lets me go anywhere I want

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