The Girl Effect



Six million adolescent girls live in poverty.

That’s two times the U.S. population. At 12, a girl is less likely to be in school than a boy worldwide. At 15, it’s likely she can’t read and is on the road to an early marriage. She has a disproportionately higher risk for HIV infection.

Studies show again and again that by providing girls with education, they become less likely to marry early, will have fewer children, lead healthier lives and ensure that their children will be educated. They may go on to run businesses through microfinance programs and improve the larger economy. They will gain confidence and strength, helping to end stigmas.

The Girl Effect is working to help bring about that kind of change. Rooted in the work of the Nike Foundation and assisted by several other organizations including the UN Foundation and the International Center for Research on Women, The Girl Effect is a growing $55 million portfolio of girl-specific investments. Their Web site has a great video and tons of fact sheets loaded with information about girls in the developing world.

Like The Girl Effect, Barakat works to help adolescent girls by keeping them in schools and providing them with the hope and confidence to improve their world.

About barakatinc

Barakat is dedicated to providing exemplary basic education in Afghanistan and Pakistan that advances literacy and increases access to secondary education, particularly for girls and women.

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