A closer look at refugee life


Wondering what daily life is like for the students at Barakat’s schools? Last week the New York Times published an article giving us a closer look at the daily struggles of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

According to the article, many of the refugees are taking shelter in schools or others’ homes. Among them is the Khan family, who fled Afghanistan for Pakistan and moved in with relatives.

A total of 75 people crowd in three rooms and share one bathroom.

“This is a test for us,” Akhtar Jan, a mother of four who is part of the extended family told the reporter. “If we don’t smile, we would be dead from crying.”

Many of these refugees go unnoticed by the government, so they don’t receive the available aid.

This makes Barakat’s work more important than ever. The article reports that Pakistan is experiencing its worst refugee crisis since partition from India in 1947. By bringing education to the children of these refugees we inspire hope and empower them with the education to improve their world. Help us help them by checking out the opportunities on our Web site.

Been reading lately? Let us know if you find an article that incorporates Barakat’s mission. We’d love to read about it.

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